My intentions for today was to write a post about marriage, or how to stay married, but Naomi Dunford over at IttyBiz has a post that has inspired me. Before you read this post, you should go over to ittybiz and read Go Big Or Suck. Why? Because (I said so, now quit asking stupid questions, what are you? My son?) it’s a really good post, she mentions me (and me), and what I have to say sort of relates to that post (while there read her other posts, she’s the awesomest).

Back in the late 90’s I was at the University of Winnipeg taking psychology (and criminal justice, can’t beat them, join them) and when we got to personality, specifically Freud, I had an aha moment. We were discussing id, ego, and superego and while people in the class had a look of confusion (or boredom) on their faces, I came to the realization that I was aware of this presence, even though I didn’t know what it was called. If your not familiar with Freud here is the dummies version.

id: this is the part of the brain that is only interested in achieving pleasure. You’re hungry you eat, you’re horny you fuck. Get it?

superego: is the ying to the id yang (or yang to ying?). It is the opposite of the id. People refer to it as a conscience, but basically if your horny id tells you club that chick over the head and fuck, superego says no.

ego:  is the mediator, or problem solver so your horny id tells you club that chick over the head and fuck, superego says no, ego says go home and nibble on you wife’s earlobe.

What am I getting at? Bobby Street is my id (sort of) and Michael Brito is a combination of the ego and superego. Good, but what the fuck does this have to do with Naomi’s post? Naomi talks about getting noticed, but sometimes it is really hard to step out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to tell someone to drastically change their behaviour, but put yourself in their shoes, could you make that change.

I’ve mentioned before that I am the son of two immigrant parents. My parents were strict, they taught me values, a strong work ethic, and the value of a dollar. I have also mentioned that I grew up in a tough neighborhood and in order to survive I would have to do some stuff that wasn’t exactly ethical and that were contrary to what my parents taught me. I had a hard time coping with this (it’s hard living a double life). Anyways, point is I invented Bobby Street. By being Bobby, I (Michael Brito) was able to do what I had to do to survive without the internal struggle. When I would get home I would switch to Michael and everything was good, no guilty conscience (sort of).

So my advice to you is this, get noticed, do whatever it takes it trully is worth it. If you have a hard time doing that invent an alter ego (Tyler Durden) someone that you would love to be, you don’t have to like him (or her), but you should respect them. I don’t feel like I have done this topic enough justice, so I will be doing a follow up with more details.

If you enjoyed this post, agree, disagree, want my first born (I do love him, but somedays…) leave me a comment. I love hearing from you all (sort of). 




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  1. Stop trying to sell your son out to anyone who will read. My oldest is 6 years older than yours and he’s been for sale for years. Me first. If anybody’s buying anybody’s kid, they’re buying mine.

    Great post, by the way. I dig it.

  2. So – find someone I admire – stalk them – bag em – and then replace them with my new alter ego.

    hmmm … sounds complicated – and frankly the hand that rocks the cradle – that was some truly wack shit and kind of freaked me out.

    Or, the mild mannered version – model someone you admire. I kind of do that. In fact I have been through the act of reinventing myself a few times in my life.

    I hear you dude.

  3. j0ed0gs

    @naomi: my wife has apparently become fond of the child and has told me that i can’t give him away, so i guess you win.

    @shane: i really haven’t done this topic much justice, but i will expand. it’s like modeling, but not and it’s not reinventing yourself, it’s creating someone that you don’t necessarily want to be, but need to become in order to reach a goal. you can then abandon that person when you are finished your task. think bruce banner and the incredible hulk, but with less green shit.

  4. Cool post. I played the alter-ego game myself in college, only I replaced “reaching a goal” with “getting free drinks” and “Lesly, the near-sighted lab rat” with “Kendall, the floozy law student from out-of-town.” Same theory, though, right?

  5. j0ed0gs

    @lesly: you got it. Lesly would be to uncomfortable to approach peeps in social situations (i’m assuming), but Kendall has no problem.

    thanks for the love.

  6. Haha. No selling the heir into child labor for you. Na na na na na na.

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