This is what my wife told me when she was 8 months pregnant with Isabelle (our youngest). Have you ever been kicked in the balls (if you haven’t, it really hurts)? To have a loved one say that to you hurts. So I moped around for a bit making excuses like no time, I already don’t see my family enough, and I just don’t want to.

May 30th, 2007 Isabelle is born. Oh shit! It’s a girl! Now what the fuck do I do? I held her tight and 100 (or so) thoughts ran through my head, but the one that came through crystal clear was ‘when she is older and dating, will I be able to put the fear of god into the boy she invites over to meet me for the first time?’ Would I respect myself in my current state? No. Another kick to the nuts.

So, now what?

I realized that I had to address the excuses that I was making in order for me to succeed, I needed to choose a fitness and diet that I would stick to, and I also needed some short term goals and at least one long term goal. I took out a paper and pen, went to my computer and started researching and writing.

Excuses are like bellybuttons, everyone has them!

1) No Time

Biggest bullshit excuse most people make. I knew that I only needed an hour a day to implement a training routine. I spent more time watching re-runs of Seinfeld then an hour, if I cut this back I could make enough time (but it’s Seinfeld). I started waking up at the bum crack of dawn and I would drag my tired ass to the gym. I did this because everyone would still be sleeping at home (don’t miss any valuable time with the fam, even though they do piss me off sometimes), the gym would be dead in the morning, and I didn’t get a chance to make an excuse (ahhh look at all this work I have to do, I definitely cannot work out).

2.) Rather spend time with family

So I don’t sleep in anymore. Workout while the family is sleeping, get home, start making breakfast, and enjoy a conversation with my loved ones (I really do love them, sometimes) before I start my day. If I can’t make it in the morning then I plan an activity the whole family could do in the afternoon.

3.) I just don’t want to

It is hard work to change your patterns and routines. It is also hard work to stick to a training program and diet. I had to make it enjoyable if I was going to be successful. So I picked an activity I enjoy (weightlifting) and a diet that I could tolerate (meat eaters special) and I gradually implemented the changes. I also had goals now (written on paper), that I could look at everyday and ask myself how I was going to accomplish that goal.

Goals, not just for soccer players anymore.

I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish anything without having these written down. They kept me focused and on track. I could evaluate my results weekly and make the necessary changes in order to accomplish these goals quicker. I set up short term goals that I could cross off the list when done (very satisfying feeling) and I have a long term goal that will someday be crossed off the list.


I weighed 215 lbs on my 5′ 10″ frame. After 2 months of training and diet I was down to 195 lbs (and I am staying around this weight for now). I am looking a lot better, I am a lot healthier and a somewhat happier person. I have a goal of reaching 185 lbs (but not until after the holidays) and increasing my strength so that I could build lean muscle.

Great! How the fuck did you do it?

This week will be fitness week (yay). So to find out how I did this (really simple, i only spend 4.5 hours in the gym a week), you will have to tune in tomorrow and don’t forget to subscribe or you might just miss out.




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3 responses to “STOP BEING FAT!

  1. What? No comments. Gives me the chance to scream out of my lungs: “First!!111”

    Okay, had to get that out of the system, sorry… Or maybe it was my alter ego (the geeky 13-year school kid you goes all around town spamming forums)

    Well, I actually did want to say that my wife has told me the same thing, and at about the same time (when she was pregnant for our now 6 months old boy). I’m still struggling with getting started on my new healthier me.

    To me the problem is that I’m not that fat… I’m not fat enough to make myself believe it and start doing something to it. Thanks for the reminder, and now I’m off to wait for your next post 😉

  2. congrats on being first, there is a special place in my heart for you now:)

    i didn’t consider myself fat either. i was still wearing the same clothes that i wore the previous year, but i did make excuses. i kept blaiming my wife on shrinking my clothes. she finally had enough and called me a fatty, i eventually forgave and stopped lying to myself, took a long look in the mirror and geuss what? she was right, i was definately fat.

    second post will be coming, but i have no time, rather spend the time with my family, or i just don’t feel like it, but seriously it’s coming.

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