keeping it simple = success

Sorry about the gay title (flinstones gay and not that other morally wrong gay), but I am a loser and also the writer so too bad.

In my previous post, Stop Being Fat, you learn that I was fat and now I am less fat. I also promised that I would let you in on my secret (it’s a good one, not like that crap you read in The Secret). I knew that in order for me to be successful at this I had to keep it as simple as possible, so I looked (and researched) methods to lose fat (not weight), that would not require me spending hours in the gym, hating everything that I put into my mouth, and it had to be easy. After doing a bit of research I came to the conclusion that I would have to alter my diet, become more active and learn to manage my time better, which just happen to be my 3 least favorite things.


This can get pretty confussing and there are a lot of opinions out there about what ‘diet’ is best. My decision was based on calories. bottom line is you eat more energy then you need, that energy is stored as fat, eat less energy then your body requires, your body uses the fat reserves as energy. Got it?

Calories count…so count calories

I read that to maintain a calorie balance you should consume 12 calories for every pound you weigh, so that put me at 2500. I tried this for two weeks, but realized I needed to go lower so I dropped it to 2000. I divided my calories equally throughout my 5 daily meals so I was eating 400 calories per meal.

Because 2000 calories isn’t much I knew that I would have to eat ‘good’ foods in order to fill myself up and not crave that bucket of ice cream that my wife was eating (she was 8 months pregnant) while we sat there watching The Biggest Loser. ‘Good’ foods consist of nutrient dense, low calorie foods like green vegetables, lean meats, fish and beans.

Gain weight to lose fat

I was focused on building lean muscle tissue because extra muscle causes the body to boost it’s metabolism, so I was eating 1 gram of protien for every pound I weighed. Approximately 200 grams of protien per day, equals about 800 calories which was a little less then half my daily calories. The rest of my calories came from vegetables and complex carbohydrates (avoid processed foods).

Put down that can of Coke

Don’t drink your calories. A can of Coke has about 160 calories, you can have a can a tuna for that many calories (not as fizzy, but like a hundred times fishier). Which would fill you up? I only drink water and I drink 4 litres a day. It is important to keep your body hydrated.

Online calorie counter

How do you know how many calories your food has? Well you can get a calorie book and check the labels (goes against my principle of keeping it simple so don’t do this, it’s stupid) of everything you consume OR you can go to fitday, setup a free account and start a nutrition journal. In order to be successful I think it is important to keep a journal, this way you can see what works, what doesn’t and what changes need to be made to reach your goals.

Tune in tommorow for information on training, you will not be disappointed (unless your expectations are to high, then you probably will be disappointed, sorry). I just realized that I didn’t use the words fuck or shit. Wow, how professional of me or am I just becoming a pussy? Subscribe to my blog to find out.


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  1. Been there, done all that.

    One piece of advice: you WILL creep up from time to time. Notice it, and react immediately. It’s a hell of a lot easier to get rid of four lbs than twenty (duh!).

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