Finally! Sorry for the long delay, life has been kicking me in the balls and I had to sit on the sidelines for awhile, but i’m back and i’m wearing a cup (fuck you life). So what’s up? How’s the fam? Business? Seeing anyone?

So what’s up?

Uhmmm, not much I geuss, just sort of kicking it. Over the holidays I became really frustrated and depressed with the direction my life was headed (fuck you Santa and you too baby Jesus). I lost a lot of the initial drive that I had when I decided to get fired from my job. At first it was great. I was getting clients, mostly through word of mouth, but it was paying the bills. Then there were no more clients and even worse people that i had met with and decided to work with changed their minds.

I panicked and did the unthinkable, I got a job! You know that shitty thing I got fired from in November, well I decided that I didn’t deserve any better, lowered my standards and took a job at a place that I knew I was going to hate. I was feeling like I had no other choice, I’m the man of the house, I should be bringing in a steady income, that’s the rules. Plus, like my dad says ‘only lazy people work from home’.

So, January 3rd, 2008 I wake up at 6am, but not to workout, no I am going to my new job. I get there and stay the whole day. Eight hours wasted. The job sucked, but hey, I was contributing to my family, so it was worth it, right? That night I could not sleep. I kept feeling sorry for myself. I hated the job, but what choice did I have?

6 am my alarm goes off. I lay there in bed wide awake, I turn to my wife and let her know that I won’t be going to work today, or never, without opening her eyes she says, ‘okay’. Fucking right. It was okay, all of a sudden a calm came over me. Things have a way of working out and I was being a huge punk for feeling sorry for myself.

‘It’s not how hard you can hit, but how hard of a hit you can take”

I saw Rocky 6 during the holidays (don’t judge me), and that line stood out. I am usually a pretty strong guy (personality, physically I am as frail as a baby panda). I set goals and acheive them. I don’t understand words like can’t, fail, quit, but that’s exactly what i was allowing myself to do. I guess after you have been hit repeatedly for awhile, you break a little. Well if Rocky could take a hit, fuck it so can I (how old is he?).

How’s the fam?

Good. Anthony is still testing his limits and I love him for it, but for crying out loud, give me a fucking break. Isabelle is still daddy’s lil’ princess. She is trying really hard to crawl and what I find interesting about this is that her and Anthony are completely different. When Anthony was learning he would get frustrated easily and cry, Isabelle doesn’t. She works just as hard as Anthony did, but she never complains. She is also teething right now so my wife and I are not getting much sleep or sex. Michelle is still the best wife I could hope for even though she pisses me off, i know she’s got my back.


I have taken a break from business. When I was going through that bout of self doubt, I made a decision to put business on hold. I didn’t want my attitude at the time to affect my feelings towards business, but I took some good hits and I know I can take plenty more so it’s time to bring the business back to the foreground and really concentrate on making it successful. I have no choice.

I have also decided to sell my rental property. It was taking to much time and focus from the other important things in my life. I also live in a hot real estate market so selling it should be pretty easy and after everything is said and done I should be making $15,000 – $20,000, not bad for only owning the property for a year.

Seeing anyone?

Only you, I promise. Subscribe please. I am extremely insecure and if you don’t subscribe I’ll feel like a total loser.



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  1. Glad to see you are still kicking. You can quit your job, and even put your business on hold, but abandoning your blog is totally vagrant behavior. You family will love you even while you flail. Us blog reader, we are way more fickle.

    As for the business … what the plan man? I know you like sales, why aren’t you out there selling your self? I know the rejection hurts – it really does – but it you don’t then the other option is to hunt for a job that would bring some measure of joy to your life.

    By the way. You can do it.

    And I only say that because I did. the start was brutal.

    Christine wrote an amazing article about her start – talk to her some more, she is pretty cool.

  2. michael brito

    @shane: i am here to stay. just needed to do a little soul searching. i met with a client for lunch a couple days ago and he was complaining to me about how slow business is, and how cheap winnipeggers are (he is an extremely talented photographer). i asked him what he was doing to get business and he didn’t know. so i went through a little marketing plan with him and as i am doing this i kept thinking that i was a huge hypocrite, here i am telling this guy how to run his business when i can’t even take my own advice. well, 2008 is a new year and it’s going to be a good year. i have the support of great people (people like you), i am focused, and i am willing to work harder then anyone else.

    thanks for the link, good stuff.

  3. Welcome back, Michael! Now, make sure you’re here to stay 🙂

  4. michael brito

    @Jarkko: i missed you buddy, but i did keep reading your blog. i am here to stay and all you mother fuckers are going to sorry.

  5. Welcome back. Tell your wife she kicks ass. Everybody needs a wife like that.

  6. michael brito

    @naomi: she does kick ass and if i ever get rich and famous it will be because of her.

  7. Your postings have really made for some great late night reading and inspiration. When I rollover in the morning and say to my pillow Im not going to work its response will be puff all the feathers are going you need to go to work. I feel your pain I just wish I had the support from a family that sounds as supportive as you.

    Press on man follow your dreams. Nickle and dime you way through craigslist if you have to. Lots easy quick money. Just press on and you will find your nichel

  8. First year can be tough. I barely broke minimum wage my first year (1983) but it got better every single month so I stuck with it.

    By the way, if it helps at all, I have a lot of Self Employment type posts and advice over at my blog in the (duh!) self employment section.

    Of course I’ve only been doing this since ’83 so it might not work out..

  9. michael brito

    @anthony lawrence: thanks, i will check it out. there is a lot i need to learn, but sink or swim is kinda my philosophy.

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