2006 hyundai tucsonso i am back again. i bet you all have written me off as some blogger hack who can’t cut the mustard (cut the mustard? is that a saying?), but you would be wrong…again. so now you are probably feeling pretty bad for doubting me, but i forgive you, you are only human and humans make mistakes. so let me tell you what happened to me and why i haven’t been participating in this online community.

january 15th, 2008 – michelle (my wife) was going to teach a private swimming lesson and i thought it would be a great idea to take anthony (he loves swimming, i hate swimming, it’s just so pointless). so we get ready, get anthony really excited and we’re on our way. fucking eh!the swimming pool is a 5 minute drive from my home, but we had to pick up michelle’s student so we would take about 10 minutes. so on the way to michelle’s student (we will call her from now on no swim) we get into a pretty bad car accident. we are little banged up, but not badly hurt, anthony didn’t even cry.

so what happened?

a moron decided to go through an intersection without looking. i hit her passenger side door at about 50 km/hour, pushed her car up onto a snow bank and a tree. i was in shock. what the fuck happened. i have never been in a accident and was experiencing a number of emotions. i was worried about michelle and anthony. i was angry that this stupid cunt (yeah i said it) endangered the life of my wife and child. i was concerned about my vehicle, it being a newer car and me still owing more then it has depreciated, i was concerned that if it was to get written off (and it definitely was going to be written off) that i would have to owe a residual amount that insurance would not cover.


so the point is i have not been able to write because i banged up my wrist and the therapist told to take it easy, which has been incredibly hard for me to do (no playing, no drawing, no weightlifting).

my wife is a little worse off then me. she is suffering from back pains, shoulder pains, leg pains, and neck pains. she is still functional (she’s kinda this tough chick), but i am finding myself helping out a lot more then before. i guess thats good, but i still have to make a living and seriously these kids drive me crazy.

anthony is fine, he hasn’t complained once about aches or pains. he is just upset that he didn’t get to go swimming, he still talks about it. he did get a bad cold and cough after the accident, but i don’t think it’s related.

isabelle is good. she was visiting her grandma so she wasn’t with car was written off.

so now i’m car-less. can’t get a new one because michelle is on maternity and i am self employed. since i have only been self employed for a couple months i don’t have an accurate record of income. michelle and i have gone without vehicle before, but we are finding it extremely hard to get around now with two small children, especially in -40 degrees celsius weather (actually today it is -50 degrees celsius, my dog doesn’t even want to go outside).

nothing else to do but get on with life. shit happens. i understand this. i know things will get better, but that doesn’t mean i can’t still be pissed about it. the morale of this story is don’t be a fucking moron, your stupid, idiotic decisions don’t just affect you. it’s like throwing a rock in a lake, even the smallest rock will make ripples.



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7 responses to “IT HURTS TO WRITE THIS

  1. Wow… -50? And I thought Finland was cold (well… this winter it’s not cold at all).

    But it’s still good to hear that you didn’t hurt yourself any worse than this.

  2. michael brito

    @jarkko: this winter has been pretty good, but the last couple of weeks its been -35 to -50. its retarded. i was milking the injury a bit, but after a few days of inactivity i became really bored and restless.

  3. jeezus!
    Can I buy you a cup of coffee at least? Hope you get a fat insurance check!

  4. michael brito

    @sandra: coffee or tequila, thanks.

  5. wow messed up wrists and a wife in pain. I will pray for the regeneration of your sex life. Of course with two young kids, I might be praying in vein. You know, in the book of ester they mention the king ahasuaratz (sp?) using a pumpkin. Maybe you could cut out a small hole or something…

    over the top? probably.

    I hear you on the accident. Julie has been the victim of three idiots. You’ld think with that kind of frequency she would be at fault, but I’m with her when she drives and she is paranoid to a fault (for good reason). The second one was gnarly. She was about to cross a freeway on a little sideroad that intersects and an SUV hit an oncoming car, fliped and was rolling across the freeway directly at her. She managed to stop, go into reverse and back up 50 feet before it caught up to her and still crushed her car only to settle on top of it. Her head rest from her seat was holding up the car above her. Not a scratch (physically). Hollywoodesque. Quite tramatized though.

  6. michael brito

    @shane: never over the top. man that’s one fucked up accident, good thing she reacted in time. you don’t seem like a violent person, but don’t you just want to punch those idiots that fuck with your loved ones lives and health?

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