is that a digg worthy headline or what, by the way fuck digg, i don’t need you, i think. this title might be a little misleading because although i feel like i am rich, my bank account definately does not reflect this. being rich does not require having millions of dollars…let me say that again because even i am having a hard time believing it, being rich does not require a lot of money.

i’m rich, bitch

i guess dave chapelle said it best. i’m rich bitch. today i woke up at 9:30 am (i normally wake up at 6am, but for purely selfish reasons), got the kids ready, then went swimming with the family all afternoon, we then went out for a late lunch with friends, and then i went to the gym for a workout. at the gym i could hear people talking about their shitty day at work and how much they hate their jobs (not everyone was complaining). at that moment i realized that i was really lucky, i have decided to live a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy the really important things in life.

what makes me rich

time: i own my time. i don’t have a boss that tells me to come in from 9 to 5. because of this i can work at anytime of the day and actually schedule work around my family and not the other way around. you can always make more money, but time is a limited resource.

location: i don’t have an office. i am not stuck at a certain location, granted i do most of my work from home, but come summer i can work from the lake house (the inlaws, not mine, i may be rich but i have no money). my wife and i have discussed relocating to the south pacific for next winter, we can’t stand this fucking cold.

career: maybe this should be lack of career. i don’t feel that what i do is a career, this is freelance. i don’t have a boss, i have clients that i work with. it’s a partnership, they may be paying me, but they don’t own me. as a graphic designer all i need is my macbook and my creativity.

family: this is not only the reason why i do it, it is also the reason why i am able to do it. having two young ones is motivation, they need food, clothes, comfort and shelter and if you’re a parent your probably like me, you would rather die then see your kids go without. my wife, i have said it many, many times, but it is so important, she is my biggest fan. she won’t let me fail.

possesions: i put this at the bottom of the list because i truly feel that it is the least important, but still important. what good is working if you can’t reward yourself occasionally? you don’t need the mercedes in the driveway (but you can if you want) you don’t need that million dollar mansion (but you could if you want), but you can have pretty things if you make sacrifices, research and don’t give in to impulses.

the end

so there you have it, this is why i’m rich. what makes you rich (besides tha cheddah)?



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14 responses to “HOW I BECAME RICH

  1. Yep, you’re absolutely right: you are rich!

    I’m not quite as rich (although working my way to getting there), so I had to think hard to figure out what I could give you to make you even richer than you’re right now. And came up with one thing: Here’s a bunch of capital letters for you to use in your blog: I,D,D,I,I,T,L,I,I,I,D,C,I,T,I,I,I,A,I,A,I,I,I,W,T,I,I,B,Y,L,I,I,I,I,M,C,M,I,I,I,I,I,I,M,F,T,I,I,H,M,I,P,I,I,W,Y,T,S,W

    Great post! It made me feel richer already!

  2. michael brito

    @jarkko: i guess me not using capital letters has really annoyed you…ummm, i don’t no what to say about that. glad you enjoyed the post and keep working at it i’m sure you’ll be this huge fucking success and i’ll have to become one of your groupies.

  3. Hehe. Don’t worry about it 🙂 Sure, it annoys me, but I can live with it.

    But now that we started talking about it, I’m curious to know what your reason for saving on capital letters is…

  4. michael brito

    no capitals because i use my pinky finger for the shift key, ever since the accident i have a numbness in that finger and little moves make it hurt…plus i think i am liking this no capitals thing, it makes all the letters and words equals and i’m all about equality no matter how fucked up it is.

  5. mayaritte

    i like no capital letters. i sometimes get lazy or “creative” — that is as far as I go on creativeness—and don’t capitalize.

    BTW, who was the idiot that said we had to capitalize? Did he have an ink factory??

    😉 I like the tone and cleverness of our writing…

  6. mayaritte

    But, please, don’t say bitch, that is demeaning to women. to all women, even dead ones. mothers, sister, daughters, etc

    You have a wife and probably a daughter. i bet you will not like anyone referringto them as bitches.. but that’;s alright.

  7. michael brito

    @mayaritte: yeah what’s the deal with capital letters? i don’t think i will ever use them again. sorry that you felt offended by my use of the word bitch, i don’t use it to demean a class of peeps. it’s a word and although i understand that some words could be hurtful those are not my intentions. if i stop using the word bitch, then i will have to stop using the words fag and cunt (to name a few).

    oh, i would knock out any motherfucker if they disrespected my wife or daughter like that.

  8. oooh, I can’t stand the C U Next Tuesday word. My now husband, then booty call, shouted that to a woman who cut him off on our first date. He never did it again.

  9. michael brito

    @sandra: it’s an aweful word isn’t it. my wife hates it when i use it, but in my defense i hardly use it and when i do use it its because the person is acting like a …

  10. ittybiz

    Like my opinion matters a good goddamn, but I say keep using all the words you want. I call everyone bitches. It’s a term of endearment in my world. Michael said to me the other day, “You know, you’re going to have a hard time getting into heaven if you keep calling Jamie a bitch.” I told him that any God I have any time for has a good sense of humor. He’s like, “Well, that’s fine, but I’m not going to say it.” I’m like, “that’s between you and God, dude.”

  11. Exactarooney!

    I’ve been “rich” for 24 years now (and haven’t done all that badly in the other sense either) but that’s just how I feel: I do what I want for whom I want when I want and that makes me richer than 99% of corporate drones no matter how well they are paid.

    BTW: Hate white on black themes, very hard to read. Nobody who likes it will leave if you change, but those of us who find it hard to read might.. if your goal is to get more readers, you might start by changing to black test on a light background.. and BLACK text: not light grey like this comment box.

    Remember: it may look cool on YOUR screen but that doesn’t mean it does on mine..

  12. michael brito

    @anthony lawrence: i’m glad that you have been able to live the life you wanted for 24 years maybe someday i can say the same. your the second person to complain about the white text on black and i can take the hint. thanks for dropping by and providing your 2 cents.

  13. michael brito

    @naomi: glad to have you back! there just word right? we were out for dinner last night with a few friends and michelle told the group that i have called isabelle (the eight month old child of mine) a bitch. of course that sounds horrible and i had a really hard time defending myself, but it was totally taken out of context. i like you, was using it as a word of endearment, but regular people just don’t get it. i geuss we’re just a little fucked up.

    btw: anthony (two years old) said fuck today. the wife gave me a look.

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