There is this guy named Michael Brito, he is me. Nice guy, plays well with others, and all that other pc shit, oh then there’s Bobby, Bobby Street. Bobby is also me, but he is not Michael Brito. Bobby grew up in a rough neighborhood, got into fights, immigrant parents, very little money. Bobby was the oldest of three boys, the role model, the protector, and because of this he grew up really fast. So, Michael Brito tries to keep Bobby under control and for the most part is pretty successful, but unfortunately (or fortunately) sometimes Bobby has got to make an appearance. Why am I telling you this, you don’t care and i don’t care that you know, but i guess it’s important to be truthful and upfront from the get go.This blog is about us and our likes (fuck niches). I will write about weightlifting (and not that garbage you read about on other sites, if you want honesty come here, if you want someone to tell you that you can get a 6 pack with 6 minute abs, fuck off, I don’t want you here), good hip hop music (I don’t mean Kanye or other commercial shit that has bastardized the art-form), good movies, marketing, graphic design (i’m a freelance graphic designer so I pretty much have the most useless career out there) and I’ll occasionally bless you guys with some of my brilliant parenting or relationship advice (free of charge).I apologize in advance! 


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