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man i suck at getting things done. really really suck. if there is something else that i could be doing instead of being productive you can guarantee that i will be doing that. so i have decided to simplify my life a bit so that i don’t have so much shit to fuck up my focus.


i am addicted to checking my emails so i’m turning it off. i will only be checking my emails from now on once a day in the evening. i will give myself an hour to process and respond to emails. if i don’t get that shit done then it will have to wait until tomorrow.


i am going to take a couple of hours a day to read, comment, and maybe write on others blogs and my own. i may end up cutting this down to a couple hours a week. i’m not hating on my blogger brothaz and sistaz, just gotta pay the bills.

phone calls

don’t call me! you will get my voicemail which i’ll check a couple of times a day, just in case there is a legitimate emergency. i am also considering getting a 1-800 to accommodate international clients, but that too will go to voicemail.


naomi is talking about it on her blog, anywired is writing about and now me. i am ditching all my electronic calendars and to do lists. i have one of those old timey calendars and a small notepad for other things. i will also be viewing my porn on paper from now on.


i used to read a lot, but don’t as much now. i can feel myself getting stupider. so i am loading my ipod with audiobooks so that i can listen to them while i workout. the best part is i can delete the book if it sucks and not set it on fire like i used to.


i like designing, but there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done sometimes that is repetitive, or that i just don’t like doing (coding, color correction, blah, blah, blah). so i am going to outsource this stuff, actually i am going to see how much i can outsource before my design suffers. i figure that i could spend my own time making more money.


there is a lot of repetitive and redundant shit that i do each and everyday. what i am going to do is combine these and hopefully spend less time on them. so if i am checking my email i might also check my rss feeds at the same time, that way i am in that reading mood and won’t have to switch gears.

so those are some ideas i have. i am sure that there will be other things that i will be able to do in order to become more productive, but that will have to wait for a different post. if you have any suggestions let me know. if you don’t have any ideas, but want to be the awesomest of my already awesome readers you should totally¬† subscribe.



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i blog because i like to. i really don’t have any other reason. i don’t make any money from this. it is my way to stay sane while i work from home. all you motherfuckers who visit this site are like my co-workers and this is the water cooler. i love to hear about what is going on in your lives, if i didn’t have this, i don’t know how long i would be able to continue working from home.

i know that i have neglected my little baby this past month, but all that is going to change. i am making a promise to all of you that i will post something everyday, even the weekend. just like i make time for working out, my fam, and my clients, i have decided to make time for all my new online brothaz. if i don’t fulfill my commitment call me out, shane does this.


so since it’s the end of the month i decided that i would post some stats for the month of january and set some goals for the upcoming month.

subscribers: 6. please don’t laugh i may act tough, but i am really sensitive. the goal is to double this number for the month of february. thanks to all that have subscribed and those that haven’t, what the fuck you waiting for?

posts: 4. sorry about that and thanks to all those who are still hanging around. i will post at least 28 times in february.

blog views: 240. i said don’t laugh. the goal is to get 1000 views for the upcoming month which i think is definately doable, i’m already at 60.

top 3 posts:

1) it hurts to write this

2) 5 ways to keep that shitty job

3) shane and peter are my homeboyz

top commenter: Jarkko, so that makes him my bestest friend, the yin to my yang.

non-blog related goals

this month i will concetrate on getting new clients. i will do this through refferals, job boards, networking, and the dreaded cold call. i need to start reading more for leisure so i will read 4 books this month (any suggestions?), it’s a start. i will be exploring ways that i can eliminate redundancies, eliminate time wasters and outsource aspect of my freelance in an attempt to free up more time and make more money.

there you have it, i put it all out for everyone to see so that you peeps can help, encourage, and trash talk. oh by the way, i noticed that a lot of you haven’t subscribed…so you should probably get on that.



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