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i did the unthinkable, i became nice, but it didn’t last long so don’t worry. i was nice and because of that the douchebags that i had to deal with thought that they could walk all over me, but bobby doesn’t let that shit happen.


basically, i was in a car accident, vehicle was damaged beyond repair, i went to purchase a new vehicle because it is fucking cold here and really hard to cart two little fuckers around, dealership won’t give me my new vehicle until lien is removed from financing company, finance company won’t remove lien until manitoba public insurance settles with them.

so what the fuck am i supposed to do? i have been without a vehicle for a month now. forget the fact that its freezing, forget that i have two kids under the age of two. i am self employed! i have had to postpone meetings and make new arrangements with clients. this is costing me money.

i was annoyed on monday. i called the finance company, i was calm and extremely polite, i wanted to kick my own ass. left a message, no call back. getting angrier. i call manitoba public insurance to see if i could get some extra compassionate care and a rental car while they dispute with the finance company. left a message. nobody calls me back. just a little bit more angrier. an hour passes. i leave more messages. and another. and another.


finance company calls me back. they blame manitoba public insurance for the delay. i am annoyed and i know this is a cop out. i try really hard to be polite, but there is no empathy and no ownership on their part. i finally lose it. i don’t give a fuck at who is to blame, bottom line is i don’t have a vehicle and you fucking bastards are not doing anything to help.

maybe you should call manitoba public insurance and get a rental.

sounds reasonable, after all i pay insurance for shit like this. leave another message. finally get a call back and am promptly informed that they were doing me a courtesy by calling me back. what the fuck? i am told that they will not give me a vehicle because they sent a settlement to the finance company. but wait a minute, i still have no fucking vehicle. they blame the finance company.

so what’s a motherfucker to do?

dealership called me told me that my vehicle is still on their lot. thats great i love having a vehicle i can’t drive. no one is returning my calls anymore. i am just getting more pissed as the time passes. i am now calling them every 15 minutes and leaving messages like “are you done yet, call me.” my wife is calling them every 15 minutes asking the same thing. anthony calls every 15 minutes, but i have him saying “i’m cold, where’s my fucking car? call me.”



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